Interview with Steve Grodzicki

Still working on my interview skills, this one is a bit of a rambler. Detailed discussion of his game, Low Fantasy Gaming, is interspersed with talk about the weather and issues I had recording across time zones with Glynn. The interview with Glynn, of Monkey Blood Designs, won’t be making it to the podcast as the audio is unrecoverable.

Even though I’m really enjoying the interviews I’ll be posting a regular episode by the first which will discuss PBEM/PBP gaming, specifically because I just started a PBP game over on Google Plus. I may do a few more interviews next month if time allows though, as I really enjoy them, and I think the additional content can only be a help to the podcast. Thanks for listening.

Interview with Denis McCarthy

Fired up Google Hangouts and did an interview with Denis McCarthy
the creator of stock fantasy art for old school Roleplaying games on Drive Thru RPG
Featured heavily in John Stater’s Blood and Treasure and his Nod zine.

He just did some work for Blueholme Journeymanne,

You can see more of his work at

Mark Chance Interview

I sat down and spoke with Mark Chance of Spes Magna games over the phone. We talked about his background, his work, and roleplaying in general. I want to think him for being on the show, especially since its still a work in progress. I used to do the interview, and I really liked it so I’ll likely do so going forward.

You can pick up Marks products here.